September 6, 2021
6th September

Have you ever seen a maximum security birdcage?

Introducing, Jailbirds. This series caught our eye for it’s creative and grungy crime based concept that not only includes unique characters but also unique (felony) histories to go with them.

We couldn’t help but view this series as less of an art collection and more of an alternate-reality winged criminal database. With the inclusion of crypto and defi related crimes and punishments alongside awesome designs and an imaginative backstory, this collection ticks all the boxes of a thoughtfully designed NFT concept.

The designer behind the series, Dom Terry, is an acclaimed tattooist and illustrator, hailing from Australia but currently travelling around Europe tattooing and illustrating the traits that make up the collection. With an in depth knowledge of prison tattooing culture, he not only creates the Jailbirds with unique features but also endows them with custom body art inspired by prison and gang tattoo iconography.

Jailbirds NFT series includes 8,888 unique artworks. Using AI compiling algorithms to generate characters built of combinations of over 200 hand-drawn traits combined with over 300 ‘charges’ and ‘sentences’, not only is this concept aesthetically impressive, the developers have also created a multitude of design and character based rarity traits which offers another level of collectibility.

Head over to the Jailbirds discord to learn more about the project and chat with the artist.

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