Lazy Lions

August 4, 2021

Welcome to Lazy Lions Private Island
Located in a secured, top-secret location, this private island is open exclusively for the VIP members of the Lazy Lion Community. Hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every lion is a KING. Each Lazy Lion is unique and programmatically generated from over 160 possible traits, including clothing, mane, expression, and more.

The Roadmap:
Every Lazy Lion comes with exclusive access to the private island.

0% The Jetty is open. Welcome to the island of KINGS!

The private island is open.

The private discord channel will be available exclusively for Lazy Lion owners.

20% The community wallet is opened.

We have opened a tab at the Cabana Bar for all Lazy Lion owners to enjoy.

The community wallet will be used for buybacks & ensuring longevity (drinks on the house!).

Hit the gym where hard work gets rewarded…

Community rewards for Lazy Lions engaged up in Discord.

40% Monthly ROARwards Program available to all Lazy Lion holders.

The Buffet is open and everyone’s invited.

Every month, Lazy Lion holders will receive their share of 2% of royalties in a unique ROARwards Program that rewards community engagement.

Theres dessert!

Get extra share points for displaying your Lazy Lion on your Twitter profile.

60% Exclusive merch drop.

The Shopping Strip is now open.

Get decked out in an exclusive selection of Lazy Lion merch.

Get the VIP Spa treatment.

Lazy Lion owners with a selected trait (to be revealed) will receive free merch.

80% New NFTs free for all Lazy Lions!

The Bungalows are open and every Lazy Lion gets one!

Every Lazy Lion owner can receive a banner image NFT featuring their own unique, randomly generated private bungalow!

100% Lazy Lions Game… Play-to-earn!

The private island Golf Course is open.

An exclusive Lazy Lions play-to-earn game will be released with community prizes.

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